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          Salt Tablets
Idrosal, tablets salt, is produced with Sale di Volterra, the purest salt in Italy, 99.8% pure and completely free of any substance insoluble. The salt extracted from the mine in Volterra (Pi) is transported to the Rafinery in Bolgare (Bg), in which is compressed without adding any type of additive, but only by pressure from our presses. The tablets are sent to a packaging line of the latest generation, capable of producing up to 2400 bags per hour. The bags are palletized, hooded and cellophane-wrapped, so as to preserve all the virtues of the product.
The curved form, specially designed to ensure the homogeneity of dissolution, and prevent the agglomeration in the vat, maximizes the effectiveness of regeneration of the resins. The quality of Idrosal is constantly controlled to ensure that level, which has led Idrosal to be:


Idrosal, Salt Tablets
Mondial, Salt Tablets
Drink, Salt Tablets
Idrosal trasparente, Salt Tablets
Salz tabletten, Salt Tablets
Idrosal nero, Salt Tablets

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